Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Little OKC History.....

Born at the sound of a gunshot, Oklahoma City was settled by a land run of 10,000 homesteaders on April 22, 1889. OKC is located equal distances from both coasts and has long been hailed as Mid-Americas International Connection. With the central location of the nation's major highway arteries, OKC became a principle distribution center withing the state and the southwest region.
During the 70's & 80's, Oklahoma witnessed a decline in the inner city as people were choosing to live in the suburbs. Thus, the Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS) redevelopment project was passed in 1993.Through this OKC has been able to develop and renovate a series of 9 public projects which include the Civic Center Music Hall, Convention Center, the Fairgrounds, the Bricktown Ballpark, Bricktown Canal....and more.
So come on, get out and see what's new in OKC!

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